If you are an Indian student with a post-secondary degree, you may be looking for a way to earn your MS in Canada. Canada is a very popular destination for international students, so you’re not alone. Here are six ways to proceed with your MS at a Canadian university.

  1. Apply to your desired universities first. The reason for this is, you need an acceptance letter from a government approved university to acquire your study visa (also called a study permit). If you are unsure where you’d like to attend, apply to several and then choose from those who accept you.
  2. Determine whether you need a study visa. A few students will not need a visa, such as those in a programme that lasts less than six months and those with an Indian status registered in Canada. Everyone who flies into Canada will need an electronic travel authorization.
  3. Apply for your student visa online after you receive your acceptance letter.
  4. Gather your required documents: your acceptance letter, application form, passport, extra copies of your passport photos, financial support documents, receipt for the study permit fee, and if you attend in Quebec, you will also need a Certificat d’acceptation du Québec, and copies of all your documents in French.
  5. Take an English proficiency exam, such as TOEFL, and keep your results with your other documents.
  6. Contact the international student liaison at your university to help you prepare for your new adventure as an MS student in Canada.