It has often been said that the best way to experience a country and get a feel for its rich culture is through the unique artwork that its people produce. India is a real melting pot if different cultures and religions which really come clear when we admire the art that is created by numerous talented people from all walks of life that are living in the country.

This site is dedicated to all things Indian and especially the art of India. People who take the time to check out the different pages that can be found right here on this site will be given a clearer insight into the people of this richly diverse nation and what motivates them.

Of course, people who have a strong interest in Indian art will want to plan a trip to India so that they can view the art for themselves firsthand. Every major city in India, as well as most large towns and even some villages, have their own art galleries and studios where visitors can view works of art and even have the chance to meet some of the artists that have created these works.

India is one of the largest countries around and navigating it can be rather tricky at first for people who have never been there before. Therefore, visitors to this site will also find a series of articles that include guides on some of the best places to visit in India including how to get around and top attractions to check out.